Divorce may be one of the most trying emotional and legal challenges you face throughout your life. There are a number of critical decisions you need to make during this transition. I am Platte City, Missouri, divorce lawyer Christopher T. Patterson. I guide clients through the divorce process in Clay County and Platte County in the Northland region, as well as Jackson County in both Kansas City and Independence, Missouri. If you are considering divorce or need legal support, I can provide the answers and clear guidance you need to end your marriage and address all divorce issues, including:

  • Navigating child custody issues and developing a parenting plan
  • Calculating child support payments
  • Dividing marital property and debt
  • Determining or defending spousal support or alimony

Courts Expect Collaboration And Mediation To Be The First Option

If you feel divorce is your only option, I consider myself to be a very collaborative family law attorney. I derive satisfaction from helping clients reach their goals and move forward with their lives. My decades of experience have shown me that negotiating agreements and working with the other side is most often the best way to achieve this end. Going to trial means a judge, who you have never met and does not know you, is going to hand down a decision that will impact your life for many years to come. Instead, negotiation, collaboration or mediation allows you and the other side to agree on a long-term solution.

Uncontested Divorces

Not every divorce is a fight. Many don’t want a battle that might do damage to themselves or their children. They may even remain on friendly terms, even though they believe their marriage should end. Often the parties have already worked together to come up with an agreement that will be in their best interest. They just need help in presenting it to the judge. Other couples know generally what they want to do, but they need help working out the details. They need a lawyer who will listen to what they want to do, not one who will look to start a fight. I will work with you in these uncontested cases in a cost effective manner, while making sure the final agreement presented to the court is thorough and proper.

Contested Divorces

Some divorces are not resolved so easily. You may need to stand your ground during negotiation to end up with a fair agreement. And if the other attorney or party is not behaving in a collaborative manner, your best recourse may be trial. I negotiate to help you get your best possible result. I look for a way to put together an agreement that is in your best interest, but if a trial is necessary I’ll fight hard for you. And I often find that my willingness to fight hard at trial can help a case be negotiated fairly.

Full Range Of Missouri Family Law Services

Backed by more than 40 years of experience in courtrooms throughout Kansas City and the Northland communities, I am ready to help you resolve matters related to:

  • Divorce, paternity, child custody and child support
  • Relocation defense to a parent’s move with a child
  • Relocation petitions requesting the right to move with a custodial child
  • Modifications to visitation rights, alimony and child support obligations

Strong Negotiator And Experienced Litigator — Call Me

My goal as an attorney is to help you rather than to crush the other side. However, if the other side is out to crush you, I will fight back for you, protect your rights and advocate on behalf of your interests. I am a strong litigator with a respected reputation.

To discuss your situation, please call my offices at 816-471-7722 or contact me online.