Platte City, Missouri, Child Support Lawyer

My divorce and paternity clients commonly ask me questions about child support. They either ask: How much child support am I going to receive? Or, how much child support will I have to pay? I understand that protecting you and your child’s financial interests after divorce is important. 

I am Platte City family law attorney Christopher T. Patterson. I assist people with child support issues in Clay County and Platte County in the Northland region, as well as Jackson County in both Kansas City and Independence, Missouri.

The Missouri Supreme Court lays out rules for calculating child support, but it is important to remember the number produced by those rules is only a guideline and not the actual amount you will receive or pay. There are several considerations to factor in and a lot of room to adjust the baseline, despite any recommendation issued by the child support calculator.

To get a better idea of a baseline for determining your child support, you can begin by filling out the child support calculation worksheet linked below:

Missouri Form 14 Child Support Calculator
This Form 14 child support calculator is provided by the St. Louis County Circuit Court.

As an experienced lawyer, I am well-suited to help you meet your child support goals and leverage to your best advantage the rules set out by the Missouri Supreme Court. I have extensive experience handling child support cases across the entire Northland area of Missouri. The factors considered most important will vary from judge to judge and can include:

  • Income based only on a 40-hour workweek
  • Income inclusive of overtime wages or bonuses
  • Ensuring overnight parenting time credit is accurate
  • Ensuring all extra expenses are accounted for

Because going to trial leaves a child support decision in the hands of a judge unfamiliar to you, I encourage my clients to consider collaborating with the other side to reach a solution. However, I am familiar with local courts and judges, and I can work hard to use the rules to your best advantage at trial. I am also available to help parents looking to secure a child support modification.

The Knowledge And Personal Service You Need

I represent married or unmarried mothers or fathers facing these challenges. I encourage you to schedule a time to speak with me about your child support concerns. I also handle a range of other family law and legal challenges. You can call Patterson Law Office LLC at 816-471-7722 or contact me online.