Lawyer For Alternative To A Divorce Trial

Often when people contact me they are unsure if divorce is for them. They simply want to be prepared — to know what might happen if that day comes. They may want to avoid divorce, because of practical reasons, moral positions or spiritual beliefs, or because they have invested so much into their spouse and marriage.

Where I Represent Clients
Guiding people through divorce in Clay County and Platte County in the Northland region, as well as Jackson County in both Kansas City and Independence, Missouri.

A Divorce Lawyer Who Would Rather See Your Marriage Succeed

As a Christian — a practicing Catholic — who is also an attorney practicing in this field for over 40 years, I understand that often divorce is not what my clients really want. From an economic point of view, divorces are challenging. Especially when children are involved, there is often not enough money to go around. Along with that, parents no longer are easily able to see their children every day — a fact that is as hard on their children as it is on the parents! Despite these facts, both husbands and wives have expressed to me their belief that they simply can’t continue to live together with “things the way they are now!” They say, “There is too much water under the bridge.”

These types of issues and feelings can be complicated. If you are not sure that divorce is your solution, I will work with you to find an alternative. Of course, I do not charge for this assistance. But I will point you in a direction that may be beneficial. There are three alternatives I often recommend:

  1. Marriage counseling — Often couples attempt to fix their problems by applying what they believe is common sense. For some, this approach works. For others, professional help is needed. I use the somewhat simple analogy of my car and my mechanic. I am a smart guy, but if I attempted to fix my own car with a “how-to” YouTube video, I would end up with a car in pieces in my garage. On the other hand, statistics seem to bear out that those who go to counseling increase the likelihood of staying married and regaining happiness. In fact, these chances increase even if only one spouse sees a counselor. Things can get better. It isn’t a “given” that the way your marriage is right now is the way it will be 20 years from now. I have relationships with a variety of counselors who will do their best to help you with your needs.
  2. Faith-based counseling — Couples with a particular faith base find that counselors with that same faith orientation can provide an extra, spiritual dynamic that is particularly helpful. Again, I will gladly connect you with Christian counselors, as well as clergy who are willing to be of assistance to you in this area.
  3. Legal separation — It is possible in Missouri to divide your assets, have a custody and parenting plan and child support and maintenance order, while remaining legally married. This is called a legal separation. In some cases, this is a viable alternative for those who, for moral or spiritual reasons, will not divorce, but who do not want to continue to live together as husband and wife. And in some situations, health insurance through one spouse’s work may continue to cover the other spouse, depending upon the terms of the plan.

Sometimes, There Are No Alternatives

As you can see from my website, I practice divorce law. I do so because in some situations, clients find it is their only or best solution, or find that they have no choice because the spouse is proceeding with divorce. But I find that clients appreciate my openhanded approach. I am happy to see them walk out my door, spending retainer money previously meant for me to explore a counseling alternative.

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I am not a family therapist, but I am always willing to discuss alternatives to divorce. Call me at 816-471-7722 or contact my office in Platte City by email.