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It is important for couples going through divorce to understand that there are certain arrangements that can be changed in the aftermath of a divorce arrangement. If circumstances change, a modification may be needed. They simply need to go to court and ask for these changes to be made. Examples of common post-divorce modification are discussed below.

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Do Not Work Out An Informal Agreement With The Other Party

Many parties in a divorce or custody judgment think they can work things out between them if the terms of the judgment no longer work. This is true, but there are risks to this approach, especially if the changes are substantial.  Missouri courts will not accept the informal terms of the agreement, if a future problem arises. For your own legal protection, it is imperative that you get any arrangement adjudicated (accepted) by the courts. 

Call me, Platte City, Missouri, family law and divorce modification lawyer Christopher T. Patterson to discuss your circumstances for Clay, Platte and Jackson County modifications. I will evaluate your case and explain your options for moving forward with a modification petition. I work toward sensible solutions and charge reasonable fees.

Parenting Plan Changes

The two most important parts of a parenting plan who has the children on what days and how decisions are made. New misconduct of one parent, the needs of the child or simply a change in circumstances can create a need for modification of the plan.

Relocating With A Custodial Child

This is one of the most common reasons for a post-divorce modification. It is only natural that life moves on in the immediate aftermath of a divorce. One of the parents may end up moving away to be closer to their own family or due to an employment change. Whatever the reason for the move, this could make visitation a challenge for the other parent. Therefore, relocating with a custodial child is a common reason for a post-divorce modification because either consent must be given or the parenting plan must be modified before relocation can take place.  

Reducing Or Modifying Child Support Payments

People’s income may change over time. The needs of the child may also change over time. These factors will have a major influence regarding the size and frequency of any child support payments. If child support payments need to change, people need to go to court to request a post-divorce modification.

Ending, Reducing Or Modifying Alimony Payments

Spousal support payments are also another common reason for post-divorce modifications. Sometimes, the spouse receiving the alimony payment will want to nullify the payments to obtain complete independence from an ex-spouse. Other times, the alimony payments change as a function of income. To change alimony payments, people should go to court to request a post-divorce modification.

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