Platte City, Missouri, Municipal Court Lawyer

When people are facing a municipal court charge, they often think this is a minor case and simply try to represent himself or herself. They might even plead guilty to the offense in an effort to quickly put the case in the rearview mirror. While this might seem to be the easiest avenue at the time, the truth is that municipal court charges can have serious impacts on a person’s life for years down the road. 

A municipal court charge can affect your job and school opportunities and even the potential to secure a loan for a car or house. These consequences are often not apparent at the time the court case is being handled.  

Honest, Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation At A Reasonable Cost

I am criminal defense attorney Christopher T. Patterson. I have been representing the citizens of Kansas City and Northland communities in municipal court matters since 1980. Over the past three and one-half decades, I have dedicated my career to fighting aggressively on behalf of my clients by offering high-quality, sensible solutions at a reasonable cost. 

I know lawyers often get bad reputations for driving up the cost of cases. You won’t face that problem at my law firm. I have always placed the emphasis on getting the right outcome as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Over the years, I have developed an extensive track record of successful court cases for a myriad of clients, especially with municipal court cases. 

Examples of municipal court charges include:

  • Disorderly conduct, such as indecent exposure or flashing in public
  • Harassment, including stalking, electronic, or otherwise
  • Domestic disturbance, such as fighting in public or possession of alcohol in public
  • Trespassing on private property
  • Drunk driving or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Drug possession, such as marijuana
  • Assault, such as fighting, pushing, or battery
  • Theft and larceny, such as shoplifting 

Just Because The Charges Are Common, It Doesn’t Mean They Are Minor

These are all relatively common criminal charges and therefore people believe they are minor and will often forget hiring expert legal counsel. Call my office in Platte City, Missouri, at 816-471-7722 for a free phone consultation about your legal options and how I can help. You can also use the email contact form to request a return phone call.