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While everyone appreciates the freedom that comes with a driver’s license and owning a car, it is also a privilege that can be taken away. People can have their driver’s license suspended for any number of reasons including a failure to pay a fine, an accumulation of points, a number of accidents, driving while impaired, or even an issue unrelated to driving; however, this issue can be compounded further.

An Experienced Lawyer If You Were Caught Driving With A Suspended License 

It is not uncommon for Missouri drivers in the Kansas City area to drive with a suspended license and the police know it. After all, without a license, people will struggle to run daily errands, drive to work, and get their kids to school. It can become awkward to always have to rely on a spouse, friend, or older child to drive someone around town. Therefore, many people will attempt to drive with a suspended license; however, getting charged with driving with a suspended license is a severe charge.

The Penalties Can Be Costly. My Services Aren’t.

I am Christopher T. Patterson and I am an attorney who has been serving the citizens of the Northland communities and in the Kansas City Metro Area since 1980. Over the years, I have worked hard to provide high-quality, sensible solutions at a reasonable cost because I believe in placing justice and doing things the right way ahead of a paycheck. 

Administrative Suspensions

Under Missouri law, holding a driver’s license is a privilege, not a constitutional right. Drivers may have their licenses suspended for a number of reasons, including administrative reasons such as failing to pay child support or a take care of a municipal offense. The primary reason most drivers face an administrative suspension, though, is due to DWI charges at a traffic stop. Upon receiving a charge for being over the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC), the license is automatically suspended, whether or not the driver is guilty of the criminal offense. 

Successfully Fighting Administrative Suspensions For More Than 40 Years

If you are facing an administrative driver’s license suspension in the Northland or in the Kansas City, Missouri, metropolitan, call me, attorney Christopher T. Patterson. I will schedule a hearing as soon as possible to argue for a license reinstatement or a provisional temporary license you will need for driving to work, medical appointments and other necessary appointments for you and your family. 

Avoiding an administrative suspension or getting one lifted can be challenging, depending upon your circumstances. I am well-versed on the details of any administrative suspension and DUI charge and understands the current political atmosphere surrounding a DUI charge.

Suspensions For BAC

Usually within 20 or 30 minutes after someone is pulled over under the suspicion of driving under the influence, he is given a Breathalyzer. This is a tool that estimates the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in the blood. This is measured as an amount of ethanol, or alcohol, in the blood per volume of blood. The legal limit in Missouri is .08 percent.

Not everyone will “blow” the same BAC level after the same number of drinks. The number will depend upon your body size, gender and any number of factors. It may even change as your body changes with age. Finally, and perhaps most important, it can change based upon when you took your last drink before the stop. It is possible that your blood level at the time of the stop was under .08 percent but rising to the time you tested .08 or over. If we can prove this and show you were under the limit at the exact time of the stop, we can win against a BAC charge and keep you from an administrative suspension. However, you have to take action quickly to protect your right to challenge the BAC. 

Suspensions For Points Or Failure To Pay Fines

If your license is suspended for failure to pay a fine, you can usually solve the problem yourself by paying the fine, obtaining a compliance notice, taking it to the Missouri Driver’s License Bureau and paying a reinstatement fee. Unfortunately, you usually find out about the suspension when you are stopped and given a driving while suspended ticket! I can help you resolve this ticket in a cost-effective manner, usually with no points.

Sometimes a person is suspended by having too many driving points in one year. Usually (but not always) the state will send out a notice telling you that your license will be suspended soon. I can often solve this problem by asking the court to set aside a previous driving charge and then negotiating a plea bargain with the prosecutor. When this is done, your points will be under the limit and you will not be suspended. And, if you have already received a driving while suspended charge, getting you reinstated can help me resolve the new DWS charge more effectively.

If you were issued a citation for driving on a suspended license, let me help. If your license has been suspended because of a DWI or other administrative reason, I may be able to help you obtain a temporary provisional license for getting to work, medical appointments, etc., or help you get reinstated altogether.  

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